52 weeks. 52 songs.

Half a century has crawled by, the continents have drifted further apart, and Ael has finally excavated enough of his long buried voice. Then he asked himself a question: Is it possible to start a songwriting career in one's 50s? To find the answer, he set up a live recording studio, figured out all the internet voodoo, convinced his wife Jessica Gonzalez to join the journey, and at age 52 started rehearsing some of his favorite songs he wrote over the previous few years.


Starting on January 1, 2018, one song a week, Ael recorded and released demos of 52 original songs that echo his various incarnations: catholic altar boy, communist soldier, black market dealer, thief, immigrant, academic, psychologist, slam poet, arts organizer, radio columnist, playwright, canonist, father, songwriter. 

Ael - 52 weeks. 52 songs.

Ael - 52 weeks. 52 songs.

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